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10 Cute Signs Or Signals You May Notice If Someone Likes You

10 Cute Signs Or Signals You May Notice If Someone Likes You

how to know if someone likes me  or  not  ?

if you have this question  in your mind  here are  10 signs   you spot them in someone  they like you

If you wonder some one like you or your crush likes you or  not   observe these signs

  • Slow it down-  – mostly men walk faster than women if you walk slowly with the women  they tend to have cute bond
  • the eyes have it- if the person you have most eye contact  that means you obviously love that person and eyes pupil get larger when we see someone we love
  • Feet- go and sit next to the person you like , if they point their feet towards you thats a good sign
  • Mirroring – if someone likes you they just do like what you do they are not making fun of you they just showing interest in you
  • The power of the purse- how she places  her person  teach how she thinks about  you
  • the devil in details -if they like you they show interest  in your topic
  • hair we go – if she plays  their  hair   they might like you
  • nervous  – people get  nervous and blushing  they seems they liking  you
  • all in the wrist  -observe her wrist they shows you they are comfortable with  you or not
  • compliments – if someone likes you they tell you you just have to listen to their signs
  • laugh- if you play dumb jokes they laugh at you b’ços they love you