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10 Most Amazing People Who really exist in this world

here some amazing people who will motivate you and surprise you even make  your wonder.

some of them have amazing talent and some of them have very rare deceases

1.Lois gibson

she is an american forensic artist ,she holds the Guinness World Record for most identifications by a forensic artist.

She decided to become a forensic artist due to a incident  happened in her life When she was just 21, she was attacked by a serial rapist and killer.

she  helps  police department to solve 1,266 crimes by identifying criminals and victims.

10 amazing people ,lois Gibson

2.Claudio vieira  de oliveira

he born with a upside and down head which is really hard to see  him  ,but overcome  it and he become a inspiring Brazilian speaker and motivate people

10 amazing people , upside down head

3. Krystal Cantu

one hand weight lifter , she was so active in sports from her child hood  , one day she met an accident which  took her hand away.

she over come  from her disability and she joined a cross fit gym not only she trains but also competes

10 amazing people one arm athlete

4. Sarah Mapelli

she is also  call as bee queen, Bee dancer , she wears bee on her chest and dances with them  , she able to help  people  through her dancing

10 amazing people , bee dancer

5. Gabby Williams

this baby girl never grow old due to her condition  ,she is not  13 yearold but she is still looks  like a  1 year old baby

10 amazing people , gabby Williams

6. Daniel Tammet

he looks like normal person , but  he has incredible brain he speaks  11 languages , he was born with autistic savant syndrome

10 amazing people , daniel tammet, with incredible brain

7.Derek paravicini

he is also  autistic savant  , she developed his  interest in music  , he is blind and he is a pianist  he plays any song

Derek Paravicini who was born blind and mentally handicapped yet has the incredible musical gift that allows him to play anything on the piano from memory.

10 amazing people , talent  pianist , derek

8. Noah Wall

Boy born without brain , miracle happen when he try to learn and read and talk like  normal  4 year old

10 amazing people , miracle child , noah wall

9.Sultan Kosen

he is growing too big he is 8 feet  3 inches tall

10 amazing people , tallest man

10.Elisany Da Cruz silva

Incrediblly tallest woman in the world , she is from Brazil , suffering from  a tumor  , her height is  6 feet  9 inches

10 unbelievable people


10 amazing people