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10 Shocking Things happen on stage in front of all people

10 shocking things happen on stage moment

today we will know about  10 shocking  onstage moments you wont believe it happens on stage

1.Madonna and drake kissing moment

2.kanye west and Taylor swift 

kanye west  said something he should not say on stage

3. Justin timberlake and Janet jackson

Justin timberlake ripped of janet jackson top on stage and revealed her breast

4.beyonce baby bump

she announce she was pregnant on stage

5.Lady gaga and  R Kelly

most uncomfortable  dance on stage

6. mariah carey

she can’t lip sink her song

7. Miley cyrus and robin thicke 

they gave sexual performance on stage which is so shocking to the  audience

8.Charlie puth and meghan trainor

kissing on stage  and later tell their  fans they are just friends

9.Justin bieber 

he shocked his fans so many times , he cancel shows on stage and left , throwing water on people

10 The chainsmokers and halsey

chainsmokers touched  halsey down while singing on stage