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10 Shopping secrets that retail industry doesn’t want you to know


10 Shopping secrets

here are  10 shopping secrets which retail industry doesn’t want  the customers know  about  it

here are  10 things that retail  industry hides from people

1.Global effects – most of the clothing manufactured in Haiti, Cambodia,Bangladesh and sri lanka

2. outset stores -many people think  they get  discount if they shop in outlet stores

its not true, they make less quality products and sell them on  outlet store by using branded names.

3.Discarded clothes -people  throw away their clothes  than to send them for recycle  most of the discarded clothes end up like door mats

4.Trends cost more- even if the trendy clothes are made with  cheap quality material , it  costs more because of the brand name.

5.Surprises in dressing room – they might be once bathrooms

6.working conditions- most of big branded clothes are made by poor people for 60$ monthly salary  they  work 12 hours a day

7.Beware of designer exclusives – they trick  people to buy cheap clothes for larger amount

8.Unworn clothes – most of the unworn clothes  that  are put in display and thrown away only few  people  donate  those clothes

9.Employ theft- some employees  theft good quality clothes or hide them from people

10 Truth about sales – Most of the people think  they save money buying  things in 1 day sale or discount sale.

Actually  retails  trick to sell all their unsold products  at a time  and they charge same amount from  people