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10 Everyday Things Only Richest People Can Buy It ,

our daily life is as simple as  we can afford  we see budget in everything , can you imagine how  rich people life will be.

No Budget , No rules , spend  as  much as you can  ,

here  10 everyday things which only richest people can afford

you will see  here 10 ridiculously  expensive  versions of everyday  used  items   i think you all have  some kind of curious  to know what  kind of  products  rich people can use

1.worlds most expensive  iphone5

a rare 26-carat black diamond, more than  600 white and black diamonds and sapphire glass for  screen price tag is  $15.3million , it was designed by a UK based luxury designer  Stuart huges, for a Chinese businessman

2.Expensive Door stop ($3500)

3.Ear buds ($5000)

4.Expensive socks($1118)

5. Expensive Tooth paste ($100)

6.Expensive Toilet seat($10000)

7.Expensive Toilet paper($1.5 million)

now available for sale want to buy  it  ?


8.Expensive keyboard($600)

9.Instant Noodles

10. expensive  Bluetooth headset ($50,000)