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10 Places On Earth Are Scientifically Impossible To Exist

Do you know  our world is weird than we imagine  and sometimes  its scary here are  10 Scientifically Impossible  Places That Actually Exist on earth

the world we live is filled with  lots of  mysteries which scientist  can’t  explain it

10 Places On Earth  Are  Scientifically Impossible To  Exist

  1. Devils Kettle Fall

North shore of lake superior ,In Minnesota, lies judge C.R. Magney state park

2. kawah ijen

Blue flames from the Kawah Ijen crater on Java Island in Indonesia, scientists don’t know yet why thee flames blue flames coming

3. Hessdalen Lights

Norway, over hessdalan valley they appear in white and yellow  , they sometimes  move and they stay for  few seconds to 1 hour

4.Lake Karachay 

Lake Karachay  is in russia, During  world war time in Russian government  created nuclear weapons and they dump  nuclear waste in lake karachay not knowing  the results  later years  it turned out to be very dangerous place on earth

5. Bermuda triangle 

every one knows  about bermuda  but no one  knows  why ships missing in Bermuda triangle

6.Double tree

it is in between towns of Grana and  Casarzo in piemonte , Italy

have ever seen a tree on the top another tree here you will see both are fine and strong

7.Boiling River

Boiling river in  amazon rainforest , any one falls in  it  they  get cooked,  water is  195F hot  to get that hot there should be a volcano near that place but strange thing is  there is no volcano mountain near  700 km

8. The Petrifying Well 

Petrifying Well is in north Yorkshire England

here anything that water touches  turned to stone ,

for example  leave a toy there and come back after 1 week  it turned into stone  ,

9.Underwater park 

it is in hochschwab mountains in Austria, this park only visible in summer   in winter time it will be  inside snow and water

10 never ending lighting storms

it is  Western Venezuela , it is over  catatumbo river

every day  after 7 pm  you will hear  thunder storms at night  never  stop until morning

10 Places On Earth  Are  Scientifically Impossible To  Exist video