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Shocking Incident happened in United airlines hurt a man cruelly

this is such a bad  incident  happen  in  One of the  United airlines plane  ,this should not happen to any  person  .

What happen  in the United airlines

United  Airlines  Over booked  the  plane and they have  to remove few people to adjust seats for  other  passengers  so  they  didn’t ask  any one  they  just choose  the passenger  from a computer draw unfortunately

passenger Dr. David Dao, 69 seat number  is came on  when this 69 year old  guy refused to get out of the plane

they passenger forcibly removed the Dr. David Dao, from an overbooked United flight to Louisville.

Still he don’t want to get out of the  plane then  they hit him so badly  like his face is covered with full of blood .


he said he  is a doctor he has to  see his  patients

they don’t understand the  urgency of  a  doctor   they dragged  him out of the flight

This should not happen to any  one ,

He paid the  money for  ticket and protection but still  its  not safe for  him