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Top 10 Biggest Things In The World

10 Of The Biggest Things In The World

Have you ever seen  biggest things like giant bike,  biggest  Truck , biggest cruise ships  how you feel when you see biggest things  i am sure  you will have a jaw opening  moment

you will open  your  jaw and stare at them  if you see them  in  real

Here  10 Biggest Things  in the  world

  1. Gaint Truck –  it weighs 360 tons  , it equals  to  36 london buses , length 27 m height  8.1m

2.Biggest  Cruise –The Harmony of the Seas

3.Tallest Man – Robert Pershing wadlow

he was  8”11 feet tall

4.Biggest Swimming pool

San Alfonso del Mar, chili

5.Biggest Mammal

6.Biggest  Aircraft 

7.Tallest Skyscraper 

8. Highest Mountain