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Top 10 Mysterious Evidence of Time travel

Most of the people don’t believe in time travel , but  some people  traveled in time  which  is  practically  impossible , but  here  are  few Mysterious  evidence  of  time travel ,

This  make us  believe  time travel exist

Top 10 Mysterious  Evidence of  Time travel

  1.  the man  from year  2256
  2. the  mysteries of  1940’s  time traveler , south forks  bridge in British Columbia  in  1941 ,
  3. a  mystery photo Freddy  Jackson  mystery
  4. 17th century astronaut
  5. time traveler
  6. the man from  taured
  7. adidas sneakers  on  1500 year old mummy
  8. a plane from future
  9. a time portal  in Versailles
  10.  the  hutton – Brandt premonition