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Top 15 Ridiculous facts that turned out to be true

there are some  facts  we can’t  believe  it and  they turned to be true  do you want to know  what are  they

here are   15  Ridiculous facts that turned  out to be true

 15  Ridiculous facts that turned  out to be true

1.the Chinese can’t drink milk

2.pegions  head bob  to stabilize   the  picture they see

3.. 1.6% of people  feel  pain if  they  see  people  in pain

4. in a kidney  transplant  they dont remove  damaged  kidney   ,

5. In scotland   there is a  penguin   with army rank

6. in switzerland  you have to  keep 2  guinea pigs  as pet

7. twins can have  different fathers

8. in Japan,  there are crabs  that  look like  an angry face

9. people  with  blue eyes  appeared  much later  than  ceramic were  invented

10. a paper cuts  are  more  painful than  regular cuts

11.a bee can sting  other bee

12. Chicken is  the closest  descendant of  t-rex

13. the  amount  of   hair in the body   influences  intelligence

14. women also  have adam’s apple

15. these is  multicolored  river  in  Columbia